corddigital Visual Effect (VFX) impact Nowadays and its types
Visual Effect (VFX) impact Nowadays and its types

VFX is an expression that stands for Visual effects, it’s a magical process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking & video production.

VFX involves the integration of live-action footage which may include in-camera special effects and generated imagery (digital or optics, animals or creatures) which look realistic, but if we want to make it real it would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, time-consuming or impossible to capture.

 Visual effects using computer-generated imagery (CGI) have more recently become accessible to independent filmmakers with the introduction of affordable and relatively easy-to-use animation and compositing software.

There are several types of VFX, let’s talk about them in detail: 

1- Computer-generated imagery (CGI):
- CGI is the most common visual effect used. Artists use 3D modelling objects to create objects or surfaces. And those 3D models are digitized into a computer.

- CGI artists typically make something that does not overwise exist. But VFX artists can create something more subtle.

-Visual effects can mean any kind of effect that was is shot directly in the camera. So it could mean creating specific lighting. Or, it might be enhancing an image.

2- Compositing and Green screen VFX:

Compositing is a VFX visual technique that combines multiple images into one. This technique is called “Chroma keying.”

Compositing requires live-action to be shot in front of a green or blue screen. Green screens are solid in color and can be replaced with a new background image. But that doesn’t happen until after post-production.

In this way, compositing and green screen VFX occur both during and after production. So the process is created with live capture and digital enhancement.

These techniques can create an other-worldly scene. And the technical prowess is what makes such scenes so realistic.

3- Motion capture visual effects:

Motion capture, or mocap, combines live action with CGI VFX. The film records the body movement of the actor. And if it captures their facial expressions as well, it is called performance capture.

Those movements are then transferred to a digital model. Here, the VFX artist can use the actor’s work to enhance the scene.


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