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Conversion Rate Optimization = more sales for more profit marketing strategy that doesn’t stop at ranking high in SEO, or appearing in social media channels, It’s about the conversion rate and the returning benefit of the running campaigns. Successful marketing is about reaching the right target and providing the right service to the right audience using the right tone.

In Cord Digital, We will reach your target audience to make sure you get the expected conversion

What will we work on?

Through SEO

  • Headlines and titles

  • Expanding your web online

  • Choosing the best keywords with high searches

  • Optimization for your product by the right keywords

Through Social Media

  • Optimizing Social profiles

  • Organizing your strategies

  • Increasing Brand Loyalty & Credibility

  • Analyzing your target audience

  • Converting visitors to promoters

  • Launching marketing campaigns

Through Online Advertising

  • Google Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • Social Media Ads

  • Google display ads

PPC ( Pay Per Click )


Cord Digital