corddigital The success of Cord Digital Egypt with Egyptian Banks
Cooperation with Banque Misr

Banque Misr is one of the largest and most prestigious institutions established in 1920.

The credit was due to Mohamed Talaat Harb, who claims the idea of ​​national entry and directing these national savings towards economic and social development. Therefore, Banque Misr is the first Egyptian bank to be established and 100% owned by Egyptians, which makes it one of the most important banks and government associations in Egypt.

We at Cord Digital have designed banners and created all kinds of graphics with high quality and in a professional manner that was appropriate to an ancient institution like Banque Misr.

Bank Misr Management recognized the quality of the design and the efforts that were achieved in the designs and all forms of graphics presented to them. 

We are proud that we have implemented graphics rules for one of the most heritage banks all over the world and the oldest bank in Egypt.


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