corddigital Cord Digital agency in Egypt Startup Announces its Launch
Cord Digital Startup Announces its Launch

Cairo, September 18, 2015, / -- Cord Digital, LTD., a digital marketing agency has officially announced its launch today.

Cord Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides the best online marketing services that are going to help your business to grow locally and globally. Cord Digital is located in The Greek Campus, Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Cord Digital provides a value proposition to all business industries and then deliver the solution in a timely manner and within budget objectives. 

Cord Digital agency can steer any type of business whether small or medium size in the right direction so that they can fly their sales graphs.

Undoubtedly, Cord Digital’s network marketing is a vital and essential sector for any company, as it increases the possible target audience and offers direct interactive communication between the customer and the brand or company.

Furthermore, Cord Digital agency offers a portfolio of digital marketing services and E-marketing solutions customized to your business vision, needs, objectives, that suit the characteristics and interests of your clients and the available budget including:

Integrated business advertising campaigns effectively on Google Network (Search Ads – Display Ads – YouTube Ads), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and all social media platforms as well as we are providing Multimedia solutions, Graphics & Photography also Web solutions and Mobile Apps.

With backgrounds in enterprise various digital marketing services, franchising, and outsourcing, co-founder Mr. Ahmed Ragaie (CEO) identified an emerging need for an efficient solution that could discern the implementation of digital marketing aspects.

"Cord Digital represents the new standard of digital marketing diffusion across many business sectors. Trusted digital marketing workflows bring value, integrity, and efficiency to a variety of industries," states Mr. Ahmed Ragaie".

Cord Digital, involvement extends to planning, creation, and implementation of integrated digital marketing services and E-marketing solutions alongside consistent guidance to drive the best benefits and outcome of customized digital marketing strategies and campaigns, helping organizations build efficient processes, improve customer experience and provide the highest standard for information exchange.

Cord Digital’s story starts when Mr. Ahmed Ragaa the founder of it decided to create a digital marketing company that competes with massive Digital marketing companies in Egypt to be built on the idea that customers deserve marketing solutions fitted to their specific needs, so Cord Digital was born!! 

For more information or to request a demo, please contact us through the website. 



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