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 5 killing mistakes in digital marketing 

In Digital Marketing there are a lot of mistakes that marketers fall in
These mistakes are considered as Disasters for the brand and marketers should
realize and understand it more.
These mistakes could lower the arrangement of the website in the search engine
of Google.
We will mention those mistakes in simple and summarized points:


1. Not analyzing the business :


From the most important steps in a successful marketing plan is the analysis of
the market, competitors,  prices and the culture of the country
that the business is entering, it all should be based on a great analytic strategy
because there are products or services considered in some countries a need and
in others, not a need that’s why we should analyze every single thing and see the
the whole view of the business from the start
if you didn’t consider this your business will fade away.


2. The copied and pasted content :

From the mistakes that happen in some of the businesses is taking the content
from other’s websites and pages and then place it in their websites and this will
let the website sink in the last google pages without getting to the top, the google
search engine always prefer unique and non-copied content
There are some websites that you can test your website in it to see if there is any
copied pages or articles from other websites like Copyscape
Therefore, the marketer should make sure that the content that is written in a new and unique content.

3. Not using pictures :

A picture is a basic item in attracting your potential customers and it makes them
care about what you are offering from products and services

The picture should have a message that reflects goal, In social media people
don’t care about the more articles or the big details, when they scroll down in
their timeline on Facebook they stop at the pictures that attract their vision
And there is a psychology for the colours you can search about it and know about it

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4. Not building your business community :


From the repeatable mistakes that happen at the start of the businesses, caring
about the sales and market to sell your product without building a
community with your customers, this is a mistake because with time passing the
competition increases and you will have to increase the budget of your
advertisings to get new customers
However, when you care for the business community by giving information about
the field and responding to your customers and care about your customer service
to solve their problems, this will increase the word of mouth and will build a
customer loyalty.

5. Send random messages and emails :


From the things that will waste your time and effort is sending random messages
and emails to people who are not interested in your field.
The best to do is making a list of your targeted interested audience and send
them your news and new products and tips to them
When you have 100 interested customers is better than listing random 10000
a customer that are not interested and google will consider your email spam and
I will close the mail to you.

So, after all, you should put on your mind those mistakes and keep them away
from your work.

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