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Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) of the economic system has a significant effect on the competitiveness among firms, as many factors lead to increase the interdependent & integrated Economic system that called Global economic system, as result from that, the competitive environment faced by the firms has a dramatic change since the last decade as a result from the drivers of globalization like decreasing tariffs and barriers and improving transportation and information technology as well as we live on the era of the communications activities. These changes gave the firms high access to produce globally and the result from this has a proliferation of choices for consumers all over the world and this required from the firms to offer greater products and services in lower cost and high quality to remain a competitive advantage and customer’s satisfaction and increasing their customer value creation and relationships, so this pressure lead to more emphasize on reengineering internal business process as well as working more collaboratively with customers and suppliers in order to integrate planning and operations throughout the supply chain management, the changes also has a significant effect on increasing the dynamic markets and lead to more uncertainty about customer demand, day after day the customers gain more access to  more products and services globally as well as the introduction of the new products and services is occurring at faster pace. , The main important point from the introduction above is that in today's’ business the firms competitive positions mainly depend on the ability to realize and well understand the changes of the customer demands and perceptions which have a rapid change also the differences of customer tastes and preferences among different markets to respond appropriately and quickly to those different and changeable demands for the customers. Supply chain management tools and techniques considered as the mechanism which allows the firms to respond to all of these changes, so the strategic integration between marketing and supply chain management is an essential topic in today’s business.

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