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Twitter is testing new improvements related to its photo and video experience offering a high resolution uploads and YouTube integration.


Twitter confirms spending long time testing updates trying to make users enjoy a better video experience through youtube integration and publishing tweets with photos. 


This happens to solve users' complaints, who suffer from how images are cropped in the timeline, and the extent to which photos are compressed when uploaded. Twitter solves this problem using 4K image uploads and youtube integration.


The upcoming lines will discuss the confirmed tests widely and obviously:

Full size images in Twitter timeline:

Twitter changes tweets by displaying full size images in users’ timelines which make iOS and Android users see how the tweet will look when it’s published in the tweet composer, that happens if they’re part of the test group as they’ll see full size images on their timeline.

Crop may appear to users who aren’t part of the test group.

Uploading photos in a high resolution:

Twitter tests a new update will allow you tweet images in 4K resolution and keep the original quality.

In Normal, the maximum file size for image uploads on Twitter is 5MB, a size of 4K photo resolution isn't specified but it can be many times the normal one and you’ll find the new setting for high quality images in the “Data usage” section.

Youtube integration in Twitter timeline:

The maximum resolution for videos on Twitter is 720p, which is a substandard experience as If users try to upload a video in 1080p or 4K it will get compressed which causes loss of details.

In twitter, the resolution of videos isn’t equal to photos but twitter is working now on offering a better experience for YouTube videos and when users tweet a link to a YouTube video it will become playable in the timeline.

to those who are unsatisfied with Twitter’s compression of video uploads, you can publish your full resolution video to YouTube and tweet a link to it.

This will allow you to view it in a higher resolution. It's worth noting that Twitter is testing YouTube videos on iOS only at this time.


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