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WhatsApp crashes into thousands of accounts worldwide

The application of messages and calls on smartphones(WhatsApp) stopped working this Wednesday afternoon in some parts of the world, especially in Brazil and Western Europe and also affected Portugal.

The service became operational again from 11:30 p.m. User reports reveal that the service was unavailable at around 5:00 p.m., preventing thousands of people from sending and receiving messages from the application, whose instability has occurred in both Wi-Fi As in data connection.

According to the "Down Detector" platform, which is a database of problems accessing sites and applications, between 21 and 22 hours, 6312 users of Whatsapp realized that they were not able to enter the application.

The problem is affecting the version of WhatsApp for Android devices, iPhone and computers. WhatsApp has not informed, so far, the causes of the service crash. The application has over one billion active users and is one of the most popular on the Internet.


Facebook launches Instant Games gaming platform for Messenger mobile

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Facebook has been testing a new gaming platform, Instant Games, for instant messenger, Messenger, and this Tuesday officially premiered along with other built-in tools. New features include gameplay enhancements, tournaments, and rating tables, and visually appealing user data - all intended for the mobile environment only on iOS and Android operating systems.

Among the first titles are classics such as Pac Man, Arkanoid, and Space Invaders, entitled to the Brazilian Dominoes Battle, and the trend, according to the social network itself, is to provide more games based on shifts, facilitating casual user experience that is in transit, for example.

Game Bots will help engage participants with new modalities and incentive to the competition by displaying the updates to the leaderboard. One of the first apps to take advantage of all this news is Zynga's Words With Friends, one of the most popular word challenges of all time.

Instant Games comes with other interesting tools for Messenger, which has been developed to be much more than just an instant messenger. These include extensions such as the NBA and Tenor GIF Key and other features to boost your chat with friends.

Plans are already present, where you can create appointment alerts, and Location, so you can share where you are at the moment, from GPS information. Other applications, such as stock transfers, are expected soon.


Google's APP offers new wallpapers in high resolution

The official wallpaper app for smartphones from Google is full of new features. In addition to having its entire interface renewed, the app is bringing dozens of new wallpaper options to decorate your mobile phone, all in very high resolution.

Released last year, the Wallpapers application came out along with the arrival of Google Pixel and offers about 300 high-resolution backgrounds with images of the most diverse types divided into five categories: Earth, Natural Landscapes, Urban landscapes, Life and Textures.

Besides, you can access existing backgrounds on your smartphone and even interactive wallpapers. The application has been compatible with the Android operating system since its version 4.1 and has more advanced features for those who use the latest editions.


Facebook will have 3,000 moderators to prevent violent live broadcasts

The social network Facebook is experiencing problems with live broadcasts more and more people with bad intentions are starting streaming for purposes involving murder or even suicide. With so many problems Facebook will take measures to make sure the decrease of these occurred.

According to the CEO and creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 3,000 people will be hired as part of the social network operations team to "review the millions of complaints we have every week and improve the processes to do it quickly."

Thus the main job of these officials will be to act as quickly as possible to prevent lives involving crime or volume from reaching as few users as possible, and for authorities to be advised to take the necessary steps.

This team, which will be added to the 4,500 that already work there with this task, will also help ban inappropriate content - hate speech, photos that violate the terms of use and abuses of the most varied, for example.


A new Youtube design is finally released. Understand Dark Mode.

YouTube has been testing a new design for the desktop version of the video platform for some time. Now, it is finally available in Material Design,  cleaner look that was put in the Android operating system.

The change, in addition to changing the whole look for the site, also makes it easier to use Dark Mode. According to YouTube, the site change was made to bring the user experience closer to the mobile app experience, as well as to bring more prominence to the site content.

According to the official blog, the principles of this new design are as follows:

1- Simplicity: the new design is clean, it removes the images that distract the user

2- Consistency: The new design is aligned across all Google platforms, including the mobile app

3- Beauty: the new design is a combination of beauty and purpose to create an effortless experience

If you want to try out the new YouTube design, just go to to see how the site looks. If you do not like the change, you can revert via the settings menu.

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