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Snapchat launches applications against Instagram Stories and other rivals

Snapchat announced four new features for the app on Tuesday, including a play-like loop, similar to Boomerang, a 'rubber' function to exclude objects from an image as a Photoshop and an option to draw With emoji. These are changes that will be implemented over time to hit the competition with Snapchat competitors

In early May, WhatsApp Status exceeded the application by reaching 175 million individual hits per day. The numbers show the war between Facebook and Snapchat, since 2016 the company of Mark Zuckerberg has been implementing species of snaps and temporary stories to their applications.

The new features are:

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1)Magic Eraser:

It should generally work like Photoshop. Clicking on the scissor icon and then the new star button simply selects the area you want to delete from the photo. Automatically the app will cover the space with colours images similar to the original background - even with texture.

         2)Draw with Emoji:

You can choose a picture to create what you want. Indicated by a brush, the feature is also in the new editing tab of Snapchat and just select the emoticon to paint or write on the captured images.

        3)Looping Videos:

With the looping effect, the videos gain a GIF feature. By clicking on infinity, the user can choose to leave the image "running" without limits or to establish how many times it wants to repeat. To exit the looping, simply advance or close the story.


Facebook brings back the 'Gratitude' button for Mother's Day

Last year, the "Gratitude" button, a special reaction to Facebook posts, will come back to brighten users this year. The already-famous lilac flower has been used for a short time, but it has the date to go back to the site and the company's smartphone application.

Just like last year, the "Gratitude" reaction returns to Facebook this week for Mother's Day celebration. The button will be available between May 12 and May 16 for social network users along with the traditional reactions of posts and comments.

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Facebook also announced other commemorative features. The app camera will gain new filters, masks, and frames about Mother's Day early next Sunday, the 12th, in some countries. You'll be able to send a custom virtual card to the mothers in your feed the same day.

Also, from the 12th to the 16th, anyone typing "Happy Mother's Day" into any Facebook comment will see a special animation jump on the screen. According to the company, last year, Mother's Day generated 105 million posts worldwide.


Researchers create the first robot that can run on two legs

Scientists and engineers at the IHMC in Florida have created a biped robot that can maintain stability even without the use of gyroscopes and motion sensors. The Planar Elliptical Runner is capable of reaching 19 km / h in its current configuration and already shows efficiency to run at a speed of 49 km / h.

The big difference in this project is how the robot stays stable, even in movement. The creators of the Planar Elliptical Runner have used mechanics concepts to develop a design that can compensate for the forces acting on the robot as it runs, nullifying the tumbling tendency.

In general, robots depend on electronic sensors and gyroscopes paired with computer systems capable of interpreting the signals of these sensors and triggering mechanical stimuli so that the machine remains stable.

The Planar Elliptical Runner uses a single electric motor to drive the legs in an elliptical motion. The alternating movement of the legs is that balances the forces, collaborating for the stability of the set, even at a reasonable speed.


The extension allows you to follow multiple Instagram accounts at once

The Auto Follow Instagram extension is an option that Chrome users have to follow at once multiple random accounts on Instagram. This tool, which works on the web version of Instagram, adds a new function to the list of followers in a profile that lets you set how many similar people will be added automatically.

Auto Follow Instagram is ideal for people who have created a new profile and need new friends or for old users who want to follow more public people and brands, the plugin offers similar contacts and works super well with shops, services and or celebrities. Just choose an initial and see suggestions to follow other similar profiles.

An extension has also been released to download multiple photos and packages directly to the computer. The Instagram Save Tool for Chrome extension is designed for users to download photos and videos published by an Instagram user from the feed to the Stories.

In addition to allowing you to view friends' stories in the browser, this plugin adds download buttons to Stories profiles and posts. When using the download option, the user receives a .zip file with all the videos and photos organized in a folder.

The tip can help you retrieve photos from an account or to have all your friend's publications on the computer, including everything that has been posted in the last 24 by Stories.


Snapchat will now make snap transmissions with no time limit

You can now post content with no time limit on Snapchat. Users no longer have to worry about how long their posts remain.

Snapchat reorganized the layout of image editing tools, added a new magic rubber feature and one that allows you to select whether your videos will run in infinite looping until the user jumps to the next or they will stop once and for all to end.

Previously, it was possible to delimit the display time of each of the snaps made on the platform. Now there is the option of not having a time limit to go to the next and can be watched for as long as necessary. Once the user wants to move on, simply touch the screen and continue seeing other snaps.

With these changes, Snapchat tries to reverse the situation a little: with the adoption of this temporary system of publishing images and videos by other applications, the number of users of the platform has dropped a lot.

So with some unique feature or a lot of people would like to have, who knows the app does not return to the success it had when it was released.

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