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Human Resources (HR) is the business unit responsible for finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants and managing employee benefit plans.

HR system assists an organization’s human resources department by automating manual tasks, keeping employee information organized, and creating reports, this is all done electronically eliminating the need for paper documents and it assisting with tasks like time tracking, updating employee directories, and performance management, the size of the organization doesn’t matter, what matters is how the software is designed so that it can customize your needs and make functioning easy. A lot of small businesses, start-ups, and growing companies also face challenges that can be resolved if there is a proper HR management system.

It revolves around enhancing employee performance and helps in accomplishing business goals. The importance of HRMS has centred around how individuals are seen in specific situations and also concentrates on building a framework and the right approaches. HRMS has various aspects and sub-categories like:

-Payroll processing and salary reimbursing
-Training and development

-Policy setting and adherence

-Leave and attendance management

-Employee management information

-Exit process management

-Recruitment and on-boarding                                                                         

-Performance appraisal and succession planning

-Manpower planning

-Employee services and engagement


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