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The speed of change in digital marketing is confronting challenges, they never imagined they would face. Here are some common barriers you may face and some tips for overcoming them.

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1 - Invisible advertising:

According to a recent survey by a North American programmatic media company, about 54% of digital advertising goes unnoticed. This is because a browser extension plugin that blocks some ads. To combat this problem, you can hire a company to ensure that your ads will be there.


2 - Google SEO algorithm changed:

Google last year changed his SEO algorithm without warning and that caused some problems in the marketing field. This has reduced traffic on most sites but also created opportunities for companies to adapt to the new age of digital marketing.


3 - Ineffective segmentation of the target audience:

Target it´s very important to make sales. However, if done in the wrong way, it may cause disinterest in potential customers. So before you post and advertise any kind of product or service make sure that you know your costumers and their needs.  


4 - Sales and marketing misaligned:

the gap between the sales department and the marketing department can lead to the failure of digital marketing. When the sales force understands marketing, the company wins. There several ways to improve the relationship between them. For example, meetings between them to hear the sales team problems. Creation of a channel of interaction between both, such as a bulletin board with company updates.


5 - Insufficient digital know-how:

When someone talks about digital, this person it´s talking about a recent and very complex concept. Without knowledge of tools, channels and their potentialities, it is difficult to define a strategy for approaching. If you are looking for results, refer to professionals who have been in the digital field for some years.


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