corddigital Top 5 factors to reach your website the first page in Google

 Top 5 factors to reach the first page in Google 


There are a lot of factors to get the website up or down in the search engine of Google, creating a website that has a brilliant design is not the only thing you have to do for it to be in the first results in the search results, google logarithms see the website in a different point view from the regular user.

And with Google’s latest updates we will talk about the most important points that you should take care of in your website, so it can take a good position in google and the speed of the website’s arrival to the first page is based on the ease or difficulty of the niche keyword.


Choose the appropriate domain:

At the beginning after choosing your business and your website field, you must choose an appropriate domain and it’s better than the domain is the same as the niche keyword, 

And if possible that the domain age is big and not punished from google, so we best advertising agencies in egypt can at this time reserve the domain and connect it with the server 


The website speed and the ease of interaction with the design

From the key factors for Google is the website speed, imagine if there is a big website with a lot of products and discounts and promotions but in the other hand it is slow when it is opening for the customers, therefore the customer will be bored and will close the website and won’t get back to it again 

So, it is important to consider this in the web design, every image resolution must be smaller, so it doesn’t take much space, it is compressed with some files inside the website to make it faster

There are a lot of tools that measure the speed of the website, but the most useful tool is a tool that is from Google that also gives you some ways that will help you improve the speed in your pc or on your mobile

The best website is made by WordPress because it’s search engine friendly and has a lot of additions to the SEO, but you should use it only if you’re a specialist.


Get your attention to the website’s meta tags as a whole:

The meta tags are like a map, you must keep it with you, so you can go to a specific place so, to be the top in certain words you should adjust your meta tags like the address, the description, the links, the images, the internal and external links, and consider that there are no mistakes or crushed links.

take care of the content:

of course, after the latest google updates and Google’s estimation of the content and the failure of some websites that copied and pasted the content from other websites, that made the content very important for the SEO appreciation and it should belong, not less than 300 words and it shouldn’t be copied.


Consider the SEO off-page 

At the end after we finished all the previous factors we will go to the SEO off-page, the company tries to get recommendations from other websites that are popular that provide the website as a whole for the search engines and take care that the website rank in its authority 

In the end, there are a lot of factors to be on the first page of the search but there are always new factors once there is a new update for Google.

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