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Nerd Tinder: Nerd Spell helps you find your gamer partner

Apps like Tinder and Happn allow you to put your preferences and interests in the profile to find an ideal match. Still very complicated to find someone who does not interest you. To help people who enjoy a gamer and geek life, the Nerd Spell, Android and iPhone (iOS) relationship app brings users together in one place and makes it easy to "find your player 2

The app works like an RPG game, in which you must recover the energy to keep meeting people around. Unlike Tinder's heart or "X", Nerd Spell has three available actions: "Enchant", "Burn" and "Black Spell", each with a specific cost and effect.

The spell "Enchant" is the famous "Match" when two users are interested in each other. As soon as the second selects the action, the conversations tab is activated so that they know each other better and can even make a date for two.

Another action that helps you find your ideal match is the "Black Spell", the most expensive function of the application. Your photo gets a markup for the selected user, which indicates that you are very interested, increasing the chances of "match". Burn already ends any chance of talking to that user.

Although it stands out as a dating application, the Nerd Spell allows you to find men and women at the same time, which can help if you also want to find users for a group of games, or even just friends with similar tastes.


Travis: 80 languages translator

A new project in IndieGoGo intends to go a little further and proposes to end the difficulty of communication between 20 languages without any connection to the Internet - or more than 80 with the support of a mobile network or WiFi.

Called Travis, the device made a huge success in its collective financing campaign and already made almost seven times more money than the originally established $ 80,000 goal. The creators of the device have partnered with several companies to ensure they would have access to the best translation engines possible for each language.

The prototype displayed last week, for now, is only a mockup, but as the technology of the final translator should not be very different from that found in a smartphone, it is only a matter of time for the device to reach the desired format.

The idea is that the final version of Travis has a minimalist interface that allows users to quickly select the languages they want to work with. Besides, the device must have the ability to detect languages automatically, at least when you have access to the internet.

Developers have said they will begin translators' production tests soon, with mass-fabrication planned for May or June and delivery to supporters as early as July.


LinkedIn reaches the mark of 500 million registered users

In any social network, the goal is always the same: the more people connected, the better the result. Due to this fact, LinkedIn executives are celebrating a recent announcement. The platform has reached the mark of 500 million registered users.

In addition to the announcement of the new brand reached by the page, the team responsible for LinkedIn also released some curious details, such as more than 10 million active jobs, access to more than 9 million companies and more than 100,000 articles published weekly by users.

It was also said that each connection you make can represent the possibility of performing on average 400 other links within the social network, besides being viewed by 100 companies interested in new professionals and have access to over 500 jobs.
It was also reported that the most connected country in the service is the UAE with about 211 connections, while the local with more interactions is London (307 connections on average). Also, the areas of recruitment and human resources are those that most represent interactions within the social network.


DJI Goggles: The "hands-free" drone goggles

DJI has just announced very good news for the international market. These are the Goggles, new glasses of the company and that allows the piloting of drones without the need to use the other controllers. According to the manufacturer, it is possible to make the commands only with head movement, having a first-person vision for even more immersion.

Within the headset, some screens allow real-time viewing with full HD resolution and recording for playback up to 216 inches. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to connect two Goggles in a drone - thanks to DJI's OcuSync wireless transmission system.

It is also worth noting that first-person experience can give you access to intelligent flight functions, with "Pro" commands remaining in advanced controllers.

The company further claims that it can be used to watch videos and play video games. DJI Goggles will begin shipping May 20, 2017, and will cost $ 449 (US $ 1,401) in the United States, as unprecedented in the rest of the world.


Meet Unacast, the startup you want to be the Google of the physical world

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Ambitious, but without taking your feet off the ground, the startup has the potential to transform the advertising universe forever Unacast wants to combine the physical world and the virtual world so that all internet users can interact 100% of their time on and offline.

The idea of creating the business came about after entrepreneurs discovered that an average person spends about 30 %of their time in front of computers and smartphones. That's when the thought came: and the other 70%?

This remainder of the time is used in the physical world with those offline activities. And it is precisely this market opportunity that Unacast wants to take advantage of, allowing advertising to reach us intelligently even when we are not connected to a device.

The company sees possibilities for making the vision reality through sensors, which can track what we do out there. When passing through one of these sensors, the system identifies these "footprints" left by each individual, who will receive advertising content consistent with their habits.

And it is a mistake to think that is far from happening: the company has already entered into a partnership with 66 PSP providers (Proximity solutions Provider), which precisely develops this type of sensor.

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