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Getting started is the hardest part of becoming a freelancer, and the information in books for this is very restricted and is not learning in college. Working as a freelancer is a profession that is learned over time and with the transmission of experience by other professionals.

So, we've prepared a few steps to make sure you're moving in the right direction.


Something you love to do:

This is the most important topic, after all, it is not useful to become a freelancer if you don't work with something that does not satisfy you. Before we think of doing anything as a freelancer, we need to choose an area that you love.

Define your service type:

It is this idea that will define how you will stand out from the other thousands of people who have the same goal as yours. When you think about what you are going to do, ask the following questions:


1 - Am I improving one's life?

2 - Am I giving more than others already do?

3- What weak points do my competitors have that I can exploit?

4. Am I ready to devote all my free time to this?

5 - If this does not work, how much money do I have to invest in this product?

6- How long do I expect to recover the investment?

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Choose a good place to work

The quality of your work is always conditioned by where you decide to spend most of your day. What I always advise is to have an office, but that varies this place with spaces of coworking or cafes. Use the office for when you have to perform more complex jobs that require more concentration.

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