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We all have been in the same shoes, where you feel like a fitness trainer welcoming the new trainees and one of them requesting to be like Lazar Angelov because summer is coming in a week. But it doesn’t work this way; No matter how great your skills in SEO, certificates you have from Google, either your awareness of PPC & Google AdWords, you will still need to illustrate to the client how the progress is like & how the flow of work will result in benefits in long term, there are lots of similarity of SEO & Fitness or Bodybuilding Trainings.

Firstly, the website must be well structured –Search Engine Friendly– where it’s layers and functionality are in rhythm to avoid problems that can cause a conflict with listing in Search Engines. Also, it’s important to keep in mind the structure of Metadata and content be accessible by search engines & crawlers, and editable in the handy interface for future modifications. And still you will not be ranked in Google, but you have proceeded the basics following the right steps.

From there you start thinking outside the box. And in that phase, you start building the external links leading to the website, launching advertising campaigns, submitting blogs and articles, applying A/B testing, and always updating the website content and monitoring the traffic & users' experience on their sessions. by little results will start to change the same as your body after some time in fitness training…

And then… What’s next? This is the hardest phase, which is similar to the final formation in bodybuilding, where you focus your training on each muscle to have the optimum appearance. We will follow the same aspect, but in SEO we focus on 3 Main muscles.

  1. Content: the main and the most important (the heart of SEO), the more useful the content is the higher the engagements. Therefore, it’s always to improve and update the content.
  2. Backlinks: links to the website has many aspects to measure the power of a link. But it’s recommended to have links from higher authority, also PR (Page Rank) is a big factor. And finally stay close to your audience, for example, if you are in the field of manufacturing, you don’t go build backlinks on sports websites.
  3. User Experience: live your visitor's experience through the website to make sure they can have simple navigation and easily find what they are looking for.

Am I on the first page yet? Hopefully yes, but were on the first page? That depends on your competitors, and here starts the real battle (in our example can say like Lazar & Greg they both had reached great achievements in fitness but still each has his fans). And from here you start a new phase “Competition Analysis” at which you start to analyze where your competitors advancing you, identify your core strengths and weakness. From those studies and analysis, you will come with a better strategy every time you get the position you are looking for.

And again as Fitness, there is no stopping when you start. And same with the SEO process, as you have strived to come in advance position in front of your competitors, they for sure will be planning to do the same.

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