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This post is intended for people who are starting life on the internet and want to set up a website but do not know where to start. The first and most common doubt among beginners it´s what´s the difference between hosting and domain and there are some explanations about it.



The Domain is a name that serves to locate and identify you or your company on the Internet. The Domain is the basis of all your professional identification on the Internet. It's the "name" of your site and your emails. It consists of a name and an extension, for example,

The Domain was created to facilitate and help you to find your website.


Internet Domain sharing is the responsibility of the registrars who use the DNS hierarchical protocol to publish the information such as Godaddy,, and Who. is .... etc

To register a domain, you must be an entity legally represented and nowadays you can do this online. Once registered, there is no possibility of changing the name or cancellation of the registration, being necessary to wait 12 months to manifest the discontinuity of the same.

So we Cord Digital picked some tools to help you if the name that you choose for your company it´s available:







Hosting is the space where your website will use the internet. It is through the service that you save the files that keep your site online.

many companies provide this service, which can be free or paid. There are advantages and disadvantages to each model. You should research before deciding whether or not to pay for Hosting. This takes into account the type of website you are looking to create.

Keep in mind the features offered such as available storage space, data traffic, e-mail and link redirection, dashboard, and data. You should also pay attention to the security of your website. Choose preferably a hosting model that guarantees your security against virtual criminals.

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Here we listed some hosting types to help you:

1-    Shared Hosting: 

It is a computer (server) whose hard disk is divided into many layers. Each layer has a specific data number and each layer is dedicated to a single web page. All sites hosted on this server share the CPU, the mega of RAM and internet connection. Free hosting is always like this.


2-    Virtual Hosting server or VPS: 

Similar to the previous but in this case both the hard disk and RAM are distributed among the sites hosted on the server. So despite being generally a paid service, it is cheap to be shared between several computers.


3-    Dedicated servers: 

On dedicated servers, the following happens. The company gives you the computer, installed to your specifications. With the internet, better security measures, etc. But you must configure everything from home. Install the operating system, control panels, firewalls, antivirus, databases.


4-    Cloud server: 

With physical computers that store data at a distance. Instead of saving the data to your hard drive, you'll record it on a hard drive within miles of the house.

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