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What is a hashtag?


It's a word or a sentence that has a “#” symbol before it. It’s has a vital role in defining a topic title or an idea.

For example; if you’re talking about marketing, you can include #marketing inside of content or at the end.

But what if we want to describe it with more than one word? You can write to them with a “_” between words as space.

For example; when you tweet about social media you could write #social_media_platforms at the end of the tweet.

Another example; you also can write it without spaces at all;

# SocialMediaPlatforms It’s cool and well-read.

In this article, we will talk about how to use hashtags in a very efficient way in digital marketing.

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How could your company benefit from hashtags?


Hashtags have a powerful impact on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and recently Facebook. It has many uses in marketing that could help you in your business.

1- Collecting your campaign objectives:

Any advertising campaign includes a hashtag somewhere in the ad.  Big brands always define their campaign objectives in hashtags to get customers to interact with the campaign.



2- Know about customers opinions on specific topics:


If your business is already on social media, you can know people’s opinions about your products or services by following your hashtag and read what customers are saying about you and similar products of yours.

Also, through following the hashtag, you could cope up with what your competitors are doing and their customer’s reactions so that you could improve yourself to compete with them.

3- Knowing events that get attention:

It is also known as a Trend. A trend is an event that gains most of the people’s attention in a country and spreads worldwide. It enables you to catch opportunities to remarket your services depending on the trendiest topics in your country which called: News Jacking.

4- Build awareness for your products:

So, hashtags talk about specific topics that most people are interested in for a while. Why not create your owned business hashtag?

It could be the company name or a new product you offer and want people to talk about to follow up with their feedback. It helps so much to develop ideas and products according to their feedback and recommendations so that you could provide a more qualified product.

You can also use a popular hashtag that has segments of your audience and then you can advertise your products on it.

5- Reach out your target audience:

Through the following hashtags that are related to your business, you want to study your customers closer and know their behaviours and demographics without even getting into the real market.


When to avoid using hashtags


Many marketers use hashtags inefficiently that could harm their business directly or indirectly. We will have a quick preview to not make these mistakes:

1- Over-use of hashtags:

Many people make a mistake of writing too many hashtags like 4 or 5 hashtags in the same tweet to reach more audiences. That’s a big mistake as the average for a single tweet to include only one or two hashtags to reach more people and interaction.

2- Using unrelated hashtags to your business:

Some people use hashtags that are not related to the topic they’re tweeting about for more interaction. It will backfire to you because you will get unrelated and untargeted customers and you will get the wrong results all the time.

3- Using hashtags to decorate topics:

Unfortunately, hashtags have been misused to decorate words and sentences, especially in Arab countries. They put a hashtag before every single word like; #Digital #marketing #course #is #available #now #dont #miss #the #chance!

It harms your business more than you think, and it negatively affects your company and your products.

Now, It’s time to preview some important infographics and statistics about hashtag history and its usage on social media marketing Egypt platforms.

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