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Online Marketing Services As Client Need

Digital marketing between accepting & rejecting!

You could gain customer trust by providing his needs by spreading awareness that could make profits.

But how?

First: Customer’s needs in Digital Marketing

Think like an entrepreneur; What makes me invest in digital marketing?

As an entrepreneur, I want my business to go bigger, make profits with the least possible costs, and

keep good quality.

Second: Company’s needs in Digital Marketing

Any company deals with a marketing agency that doesn’t see how difficult the work they have to close the loop and handle the job starting from designs, content, web development, web design, SEO, strategy and more. They only see the result they have

Third: Defining and choosing a target audience

The target audience is that customer who fits with your capabilities and the services you offer.  You have to set your appropriate target audience that could benefit your business through interaction.



Cord Digital Tips for digital marketing services

  1. Don’t sell your needs, sell your customers' needs.
  2. Don’t offer fantasy service, be specific and clear.
  3. The Targeted customer isn’t always the best choice, because your target might be wrong.
  4. Every client has specific social media platforms to work on, don’t work on all of them.
  5. Clients don’t usually know the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound marketing, so don’t get them in too many details.

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