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E-marketing is based on a set of elements or components, these elements are the ones that govern the marketing process on the Internet, of any kind, and on the basis of which the offer media agencies in Egypt  are determined.

1- Data

Data is the first essential element in e-marketing services, from which the marketing process begins with its correct scientific and practical concept within most digital marketing companies.

The purpose of data collection is to know the specifications of the target customer, his purchasing behavior, the expected market size, the size of the competition, and the nature of competitors, from which the Offer media agencies in Egypt  are determined...etc.

Knowing here that the role and importance of data is not limited only at the beginning, but it is an important role constantly as long as the marketing process continues.

2- Plans, which are among the basics of Offer media agencies in Egypt 

Plans are very important in everything in our lives, and they have a special importance in the field of private work in general in third-party marketing companies, but in fact when we talk about e-marketing, the plan has a completely different dimension of importance.

The world of e-marketing is a vast, interwoven and flexible world, and it contains many channels, opportunities, directions and Offer media agencies in Egypt , so to ensure the success of the marketing process through the Internet, a precise and clear plan must be made.

This includes setting budgets, marketing channels, assigning tasks, etc.

3- Tools
Everyone knows that e-marketing is mainly based on technology, and technology is based on pre-prepared software to accomplish tasks with less time and effort.

Here, e-marketing tools are a very important element, and they have a huge role in success in this field. If everything was done manually in the field of e-marketing, one in a thousand would not have been achieved in this field.

For example, a tool like WordPress, which is used by many web design companies, that allows you to make a website with ease, listens in 30% of all websites on the Internet.

It is worth noting here that the tools are used in all stages and aspects of e-marketing.

Example: Using the visitor analysis tool Google Analytics will give you great information about the visits that the official website of your flower shop gets, such as:

How many visitors have entered the official website of the store.
How much time has been spent on the site.
4- Skills
In fact, there is a lot of data in the world of e-marketing, and this in turn gives many options and alternatives.

Almost everyone is equal in each of the other elements, but what makes the difference and makes some achieve exceptional results is the marketing skills in each e-marketing company separately.

The marketing skills of the e-marketer are what everything depends on in the end, and it is they that make the difference between a traditional e-marketer and a professional e-marketer.

Marketing skills include:

Creativity, innovation and insight, and this depends mainly on the nature of the person and the capabilities of the online marketer.
The ability to obtain the best results at the lowest costs, and this includes reducing unnecessary costs, and taking advantage of available marketing opportunities.
The ability to build good relationships with others, which contributes to creating a collaborative environment in order to achieve the best possible results.


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