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Two features come to Google Ads mobile app which improve campaign performance.


These features are:

  • Custom Notifications related to performance and status changes issues.
  • More data about changes in campaign performance.


Let's clarify each of these updates.


Custom Notifications:

Google Ads mobile app helps advertisers to set their custom notifications about everything important to them. 


As an example, if any advertiser wants to stay on top of conversion volume during a seasonal sale, the app will automatically send a notification when conversion volume increases by a certain amount.


Google provided this example to help you know how the app has been set to send a notification when conversion volume rises more than 10%.


And to set a custom notification, you should go to the settings page and activate notification then click on custom notifications to make your own alerts.


Performance Insights:

Google ads mobile app is getting updated with “performance insights” and this update will keep advertisers on top of their campaigns in case they're not at their computers.  


You can find this information in the Google ads desktop and now advertisers can go through their phones, the app will send you a notification when significant changes are detected too.


This notification will declare the reason for change, Google ads may assist in solving issues too.

These updates are now available on Android and iOS in the latest version of the Google Ads mobile app.


3 Months of no updates:

The Google Ads app didn't receive any updates for 3 months and this rarely happens, cause Google never let any of its apps more than a month without at least a minor update.

IOS users have faced an issue during time of no updates, as they received a notification they're on an out of date app. 


Updates to Google’s apps have started to begin over the last days but many of them are still 3 months out of date.


As an example,  apps like Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Photos, and others are waiting for their updates.


Google hasn’t commented on this issue, but it may be due to Apple’s new App Store rules that were introduced last December.


Apple now asks app developers to prepare a report declaring the data it collects from users and how it’s being used.


Developers provide information declares, data is used to create a privacy “nutrition label” which helps users to read instructions before downloading an app.


There's speculation that Google stopped updating its apps for some months after Apple introduced its labels.


Google finally declares that no plans to develop alternative methods of tracking users ,and its outdated apps may receive updates in the upcoming days.


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