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Facebook is used daily by 1.5 billion people, and by a simple calculation compared to the total population of the world, nearly a fifth of the world's population logs on to Facebook every day, which means that your current and future customers often have accounts on Facebook.

Marketing through social networking sites within the social media marketing is the use of these sites in order to attract the attention of your audience to your website, by creating attractive content that encourages them to share it.

Social networking sites are many and are constantly growing, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, so do not put yourself under pressure and exhaustion to reconcile between many of them and focus on the sites that interest you most and expand your e-marketing activity and cooperate with a social media company that makes it easier for you to choose any of communication channels.

The following are the most prominent steps of e-marketing in the best social media company:

Create an account on the social networking sites that are most useful to you and take care of choosing the cover photo, and put your site link in the image post to represent a link that leads to your site.
Include images of your products, or use Facebook templates such as “Business” and “Shopping”, to make it easy to post your special offers on your page, and to publish your products as a store.
Publish your posts on your social accounts, as the combination of a blog and social networking sites creates non-stop traffic.
Social networking sites have a social nature, so when you use them for the purpose of e-marketing, they are not limited to publishing commercial content, and use a ratio of 3:1 (1 commercial content, 3 useful or entertaining content) in determining the quality of the content of publications.
Stay away from the generality of your non-commercial content and make it relevant to your industry (for example, if you use online marketing to sell sports equipment, don't share motivational phrases).
Find out when your followers are active using a service like Facebook Insights, then schedule content publishing using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer so that the content continues to flow regularly at these times.
Interact with your followers by answering their inquiries, responding to their comments, and following up on their complaints.
If your budget allows, use social media ads, and be precise in targeting the category to which the ad appears to suit your target audience, which is always determined by Social Media.

There is something important for you to learn about social media marketing egypt, which is not to use social media as the first method in marketing your products. If Twitter crashes or Facebook changes its policies, your e-marketing efforts will be paralyzed.

Instead, make e-marketing through social networking sites a way to increase your growth.


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