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Apple is no longer the best notebook manufacturer

Apple lost a position that held seven years ago: the best notebook manufacturer. The company led by CEO Tim Cook lost the lead in the annual ranking made by Laptop magazine. Who takes the place now is the Chinese Lenovo. Now, Apple appears only in the fifth position, next to the Taiwanese Acer.

Since 2010, Apple has dominated the top spot in the Laptop ranking. According to the magazine, the company was in fifth place due to the lack of USB ports on notebooks and the high price of the products. "MacBooks are thin, powerful and well built, but you're going to need a stack of money and a bag of adapters."

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In second place is Asus, which is considered the best option for those looking for good configuration and low prices. Dell fell to third place (in the previous list was second) but is still placed as a manufacturer that has functional notebooks with innovative design.

The ranking of the Laptop was created from six criteria: design, technical support, innovation, price, warranty and credit score in the analysis of the products of each company. Considered notebooks launched between February 2016 and February 2017. In the end, a score of 0 to 100 points is calculated.


Twitter announces global partnership to provide metrics in video campaigns

Twitter today announced new global partnerships with vendors of market metrics to enable measurement of the reach of video campaigns on the platform. With the participation of Moat, Integral Ad Science, Nielsen DAR, and comScore vCE you will be able to compare video attention and visibility metrics across all channels, as well as to measure published social media through auditing.

According to Twitter, the initiative aims to reduce the challenges that brands still have in the digital environment and offer advertisers qualified information on three axes - an influence that advertising had on the target audience; Resulting in action that the media had on users; And reach messages to the right audience.

To measure video ad campaigns using Moat, IAS, Nielsen DAR or comScore vCE, just contact a Twitter account representative. Both Moat and IAS are available globally. Nielsen will be available in the US and more than 20 international markets, and ComScore vCE is currently only available to US advertisers.


Google Artificial Intelligence Helps You Design Better

Google has a solution to help you design better: a website that fixes your digital traits.

Called AutoDraw, it uses artificial intelligence along with a technique called machine learning (basically software that you learn based on your experience) to guess what you are trying to draw and can adjust your draft to make the result more beautiful.

The site is free and works on computers, notebooks, and smartphones. That is, you can draw both with the mouse and with the fingers on the screen.

AutoDraw is a replacement for QuickDraw, also from Google. This one was trying to guess what you were drawing, within 20 seconds.

If you design well and want to contribute to this Google project, the company offers a page for the publication of your creations.


Adidas with 3D printer

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On Friday launched a tennis shoe with the sole made in the 3D printer, in a preparation for the product to enter mass production scale in the coming year. The announcement is part of the German company's strategy to respond more quickly to fashion changes and create more personalized products.

Rivals such as Nike, Under Armor and New Balance are also experiencing 3D printing, but so far they have used technology only in producing prototypes, custom footwear for sponsored athletes and high-value products.

This is because conventional 3D printers are slower, more expensive, and often create lower quality products than the plastic injection equipment currently used to produce hundreds of millions of footwear per year, especially in Asia.

According to Adidas, the new partnership with Carbon, a technology start-up company in Silicon Valley, will overcome many difficulties in the production of the sole, make the method a possible competitor of the traditional system of plastic injection.

Adidas expects to sell 5,000 pairs of Futurecraft 4D this year and 100,000 next year, reducing the time it takes to print soles from an hour and a half to less than 20 minutes per solo. The shoes will be sold for a premium price not yet specified, but Adidas plans to cut costs with the development of the technology.

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