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Digital marketing has become one of the most prominent areas that no company can dispense with, and it is one of the most competitive areas, because there are many methods and marketers, with smart phones in the pocket of every marketer, there are many applications that will facilitate many tasks, and make your life As a more productive marketer.

Hootsuite app

It is an e-marketing application that saves time and effort for any marketer, through which you can schedule posts that are published on social networking accounts, in addition to preparing a report on the performance of each account.


Buffer App
It is also another solution for scheduling posts in digital marketing companies that has two distinct features:

1- The possibility of activating the shortening of links; To be able to give some statistics about posts such as the number of clicks and shares , most top marketing companies in egypt use it.

2- The possibility of using the Optimal Scheduling tool in order to analyze the activity of the target audience and to reach the best times for publishing publications.

Feedly App
It is a wonderful application from which you can follow the news, especially within …, and the latest updates to sites and blogs via RSS technology, all you have to do is register, and then choose sites by searching on the name of the site, and it gives you to divide and save sites in lists, for example, a list of technical blogs A list of sports news. It is really a great app that you must use specialy in Online marketing company in Egypt .

Dropbox app
It is a well-known file synchronization application, through which you can keep your files and synchronize them with all your devices, in addition to the ability to share files by preparing a public link for sharing, which you use most Online marketing agencies in Egypt


Evernote app
It's like a personal assistant that I never do without. It helps me to keep tasks in an orderly fashion. It makes writing content ideas easy, from a simple social media post to a long blogging article. I can also collect snippets of ideas from web pages, reference articles, and even photos with just one click. It also enables me to save time and prepare an elegant presentation with ease, in addition to being able to share it with the staff in order to get their feedback, top advertising agencies in egypt use it most of the time.

Trello . app
It is an easy-to-use project management application, with an elegant design, and you can divide your projects into panels, and then divide the work sections or project completion stages into columns, and each column contains a task or note, which you can send to a specific person, and put a time for delivery. As well as attach files and upload them through the cards. With Trello, you can customize the panels to your liking.  social media marketing egypt use it often
Facebook Pages Manager app
An application developed by Facebook from which you can manage everything related to your Facebook pages through your phone. You can schedule and publish posts, reply to messages, see stats and many more features and Media company in Egypt use them most

Facebook Advert app
Another application developed by Facebook to manage advertising campaigns, through which you can follow the activity of advertising campaigns, stop and start campaigns, as well as make adjustments and many other special features through your phone.

Google Analytics app
I was also surprised when I found out that there is an official mobile application for Google that was developed by Google, so now all you have to do is log in to your account, and then you can follow up on the activity of your site through your phone.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app
A free application that enables you to add effects to images with one click, in addition to the free Adobe Photoshop application to easily make the necessary adjustments to the images before publishing them, and unlike the desktop version of the application, which needs some experience to make adjustments, this version for the phone is easy to use.



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