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Nowadays the internet offers the possibility of reaching a large number of people at small prices. With the possibility of being connected to millions of people, companies use digital marketing to communicate with their customers and keep up to date on the market for their target audience.


Digital marketing uses some tools to communicate, organize and study new ways to improve the products and services offered. 


Marketing automation solutions can help focus on more specific issues and also provide more relevant information for the optimization of the search and recognition processes of clients.


Some tools help improve the functionality of digital marketing in companies.


1.    Benchmarking:
It is the search method to find the best options and new ideas. Therefore, its practise should not be restricted only to the sector of activity of the company.

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2.    Service Quality:
It is a multi-item scale, which tries to approximate the relationship of the client with the company. It calculates a hierarchy through expectations statements for each of the five dimensions of quality of service: tangibility, reliability, susceptibility, assurance, and empathy.

3.    Market segmentation:
Identifies within a particular group of buyers and within that group selects a specific need from those customers and offers a product or service intended for that group. With these practice companies can, for example, prioritize marketing actions for more profitable customers and direct lower-cost resources to less important customers.

4.    Marketing information system (S.I.M.):
People, equipment, and procedures dedicated to collecting, classifying, analyzing, evaluating, and distributing the necessary information in a precise and timely manner to those who make marketing decisions.

5.    SWOT or FOFA (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats):
Internal analysis system that is used in various companies. To understand the current environment and identify the positioning of the brands or products that are part of the analysis.

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