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The importance


In this part, we will address some of the important reasons that prove the importance of e-marketing and e-commerce for every private business owner, of course these reasons are also the reasons that drive thousands to learn e-marketing in order to obtain great employment opportunities within Online marketing agencies in Egypt

2- The importance of e-marketing

1. E-marketing and e-commerce is the most prominent way to reach potential customers

Just take a deep breath and try to imagine the number of Internet users at the moment, you only have to look around and see your friends, family and co-workers using the Internet, and if you are the one who only believes the statistics.

According to statistics, the number of Internet users in April 2020 reached about 4.57 billion people around the world, that is, more than half of the world's population uses the Internet on a daily basis.

Imagine having access to half of the world's population to present your product or service in front of them... Sorry, don't imagine... What is required here is to learn e-marketing and e-commerce, as this is possible.

Of course, you probably will not need to reach all of them, but e-marketing and e-commerce will enable you to market according to your own options, and this is what the top marketing companies in egypt depend on.

2. Competitors use e-marketing and e-commerce

The Internet is an opportunity to reach as many potential clients as possible for your business.

Whether you take advantage of this opportunity or not through an top marketing companies in egypt, your competitors are doing it or at least the smart ones, and by giving up e-marketing and e-commerce you lose a very important competitive advantage.

This idea does not need to be proven… I am sure that you know many project owners who use the Internet for marketing. Even that young man who owns a small sweets shop in that neighborhood has a Facebook page in order to promote his store, in which he relies on asocial media marketing egypt

_3-The importance of e-marketing

3. Potential customers assume everything is online

When your potential customers want to buy your product or service, they will search on the Internet, whether from SEO services or social media marketing, if you do not exist, they will completely ignore you.

4. E-marketing and e-commerce helps you create a new market

E-marketing and e-commerce does not recognize the limits of time and place, and then you can create a new market through it, and get many new potential customers.

5. E-marketing provides highly accurate analytical data

Through the digital analytical tools available in e-marketing provided by E-marketing agency in Egypt, you can obtain all the information and data you want in order to improve what you provide in terms of marketing services and products online.

For example, you can find out how many people interacted with your ad, and how many people visited your site through advertising, and you can make various advertising models and analyze the result of each of them to reach the best possible advertisement that achieved the best result and this is what marketing and aAdvertising agencies in Egypt analyze


6. Internet marketing provides unparalleled targeting advantages

As a result of e-marketing services and the data and information available on each Internet user, and based on your marketing channels, you can reach the right customer at the right time, and this is really a great feature that distinguishes the Internet from other marketing means.

For example, if you make a funded advertisement on Facebook for a flower shop, you can place your advertisement in front of those who meet the specifications set byDigital Marketing agency in Egypt, such as the ones below:

Their ages range from 20 to 30 years.
They live in Cairo.
In relationship.


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