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The blog is the basis in digital marketing, the reason for this is the content.

A blog is a new advanced technology that is used to publish news and articles on electronic pages. It has a primary role in digital marketing by writing content.

Most companies have a blog. It’s an effective mechanism for any business to be at the top of search results.

there are some websites you can build a blog from:

  • The google-owned website helps you to create a blog for your business.

  • It allows you to create a blog and manage the content.

  • A small blogging platform for social media. It lets users publish multimedia content in samples.

Users can also follow each other’s blogs, make their blog privately, and many other features. Most of the audience is students and youth.

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Content Marketing

Creating and publishing content is a specific strategy in marketing plans. Also, Search Engine Optimization ranks your site upper if you are continuously updating it.

Great content attracts great customers!

As for SEO, Great content has strong relative keywords to that topic. You have to bear in mind when writing content the latest updates and news in your business field.

You can gain more customers by inviting them to subscribe to your blog so you can send to him when you publish a new article.

And always remember, Content is the king.

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How to create a blog without effort 

You could make your blog effortless.

In Blogger, you have to create a G-mail account, then access the Blogger website and create the blog. You will choose themes and landscapes you want to fit with what you want then you could start blogging and publish original articles. Avoid copied content so you don’t get spammed.

Blogger enables you to build a blog, but it doesn’t allow you to control and modify content on the blog. Unlike Wordpress.

Wordpress is a highly qualified website that allows you to control, modify, and publish content. It makes your blog looks like a real website without any complications in building the blog.

Also, It’s an open-source website, so it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

It enables you to add plugins which are small programs that help you to customize your blog. It also has blog pinging which is identifying servers when adding content. You can add RSS to publish the latest news to your customers too.

In general, Blogs need programmers.

If you want to create a powerful website or customize your blog, you need programmers to have a huge ability to control and differentiate your site from other competitors.

Your blog has to stand out between all others so depend on programmers to build a unique one.

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