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The importance of Websites


Many companies don’t know the crucial role of having a website for their customers. It allows them to follow your updates, communicates with you, and know about the latest offers and services you provide.

We become in a virtual world every day, and you should keep that in your mind when you need to expand your business.

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The importance of websites

People think that Websites help certain types of companies and that they couldn’t attract new potential customers. It’s wrong because;

During April 2015, the number of internet users in Egypt was 49.45 million active users.

They depend on the internet in their daily activities such as; searching for restaurants, malls, shops, and certain places they want to go.

Having social media pages don’t mean websites are unnecessary because they work on presenting your products and keeping your customers interested in your business.


The importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential to make your website easy 

It’s a long process of optimizing your website performance, quality, and content to enter the online competition of SEO.


Linking social media pages to your website

Your website visitors are more interactive on social media like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

So you need to link your social media icons to your website and make it active to redirect them to your pages on social media.

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