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Designing a distinguished and effective website needs to make a lot of effort and rely on reputable Web solutions company in Egypt in the field of e-marketing services.

In the same context, setting firm foundations that can be tracked in the web design process is a difficult and perhaps even impossible thing, and this is due to the fact that the design process depends primarily on evaluation and personal taste, so what you like does not necessarily impress someone else.

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The most prominent suggestions on the level of website design and visitor interaction that Web solutions agency in Egypt insist on

1- Arrange the page elements as web design company
One of the most prominent crises that face beginners in the design process is falling into the mistake of not arranging the components of the page and publishing it in an unorganized way and distracting the visitor's attention.

It is important to pay attention to improving the user's experience in dealing with the site, and here comes the role of the top of the page, which is the first component that the visitor's eye falls on, so it is important to use this part of the page to draw the visitor's attention to it. as Web solutions agencies in Egypt does

Some statistics that were conducted on how some users browse websites confirmed that website visitors spend 57% of their visit time exploring the first part or the first screen that appears on the page, while the second screen that appears when the screen is moved or pulled down represents About 17% of the time a visitor spends on the site, and the time begins to decrease as the visitor approaches the bottom of the page.

2- Website-design standards

Visually preserve the hierarchy of components

Preserving the visual sequence when designing a website is an attempt to visually express the site's story, which is essentially a term that describes the order in which the eye receives the different components in a scene.

Choose your colors carefully
Agree or reject, each of the colors has a specific story that creates an impression and a certain impact on the soul, so care must be taken to use colors that reflect the site's message.

The method used is to divide the components on the page or the site as a whole in terms of colors into primary components, secondary components and neutral ones, which is usually used as a background, so that each of these components takes a specific color so that these colors collectively form what is known as the color palette.

Through color theory, and by looking at the color wheel in its simplified form, it is possible to identify the colors that can be obtained by mixing colors in a certain way to produce new degrees of colors that can be used in design.

Feel free to use pictures 
web and design services Designing a website free of images or illustrations when necessary means that the idea to be published is not visible.

Whoever has the ability to deny the role of images in attracting attention and clarifying the intended idea, but still choosing the type of image and its characteristics is the determining factor in the success of using the image or not.

The use of natural images is more distinct and noticeable than the use of abstract and repeated images in many free sites, and paying attention to the size of the images and the speed of their downloading are among the factors that must be taken into account in the design.

Choose your fonts carefully

The font also plays an important role in showing the branding of your site in addition to maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the site design process.

Always make sure to choose the so-called Web Safe Fonts, which are fonts that can be displayed on various types of computers, such as Google Fonts.

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There are 3 important rules that must be taken into account in choosing fonts and benefiting from them in designing web pages:

Not to use more than three types of fonts in one design.
Maintaining fit and integrity between these lines, meaning that these lines are complementary to each other.
Taking into account the preservation of the sequence format in its use.
To clarify these different rules, it is possible, for example, to adopt a main or primary font in order to write the broad or main headings on the page, while using the secondary font to display texts and text paragraphs on the page, and finally it is possible to set the third line, for example, for buttons or invite the visitor to carry out certain actions on the Call page. -to-Action.


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