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Cordiana System

Each company needs to depend on a special system to achieve efficiency and accuracy which consider the most important factors for it.

The importance of a system for any business is to ensure the efficiency and consistency of high-quality results also will help to improve your employees' performance and productivity by allowing them to complete their tasks in less time with high quality, actually using system will create effective communication space between the company and their clients.

So let’s start with our Cordiana system that we build in-house with all features to help your company to monitor and manage it’s business from A to Z.

CRM Sales

CRM is a simple definition of Customer Relationship Management. The goal of the CRM Marketing Specialist is to facilitate the use of CRM software to improve the effort of the sales, customer services and marketing team.


Point-of-sale systems allow businesses to receive payments from customers and track sales. ... Today, modern point-of-sale systems are completely digital. This means you can check out your customers wherever you are.

Task Management

Task management includes planning, analysis, evaluation, and reporting on the progress of a particular task. It is an important aspect of project management as it helps to perform all tasks perfectly.


Human Resources (HR) is the business unit responsible for finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants and managing employee benefit plans.


Its goal is to efficiently allocate economic resources to promote economic growth and provide a return on investment (ROI) for market participants.

Electronic Invoices

An electronic invoice (e-invoice) is an invoice that is issued, transmitted, received, processed and stored electronically using specific document formats.


A Hospitality systems can be applied to Malls, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, and Hospitals to help you to manage your operating system.

Supply Chain

A supply chain comprises all companies and individual participants who are involved in the manufacture of a product, from the raw material to the finished product.

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