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Instagram assures it will soon let users save drafts of stories the same way they make drafts of regular posts. it also Confirms in an announcement, users will have the ability to create stories and save them as drafts soon to make publishing later easier. 

It offered the ability to save regular posts as drafts and create stories at the time of publishing.

you can't save one’s work to finish at another time, as when a user starts publishing an Instagram story, and wants to think more about it before publishing.

There are several ways used to save story drafts and it will be an addition to Instagram.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says this is a highly needed feature.

Instagram’s main Twitter account also declared this update is coming soon, and it’s not too early to think about the ways this feature can be used in a powerful way.

Using Instagram Story Drafts

According to instagram, 500 million accounts make stories every day,  one-third of the most watched content related to businesses, and One in five stories gets a direct message from its followers and viewers,which helps businesses to stay visible and gain more engagement.


Instagram found over 50% of all business accounts on the site create stories in a certain month,  stories are the most effective to influencers too and that's appeared obviously in the report of influencer marketing from MediaKix which finds Instagram stories are the second most effective content type in addition to regular instagram posts.

Story drafts deserve to be worth looking and we should think more about ways the feature can be used as a tool rather than delaying.

Here are some cases that come to mind:


Creating comes first, Publishing Later

Arranging stories will give businesses the chance of flexibility to craft Instagram stories and publish at any time after that.

This will be done ahead of a big announcement or to save for posting later when a business’s audience is more active, as businesses will create content at a suitable time, save it, and publish when their audience is more active and likely to see it.


Team Collaborations

Instagram story drafts will be a perfect addition to the workflow of teams that manage a single account who can collaborate on content through adding and editing story drafts before they go live which is similar to teams collaborations on a WordPress post or a Google Doc.

If you’re a marketer, you may work for a client who likes to review content before it’s being published. drafts will make this easier and help in getting their approval on stories.


Think again “second guessing”

we usually don't start second guessing our content until after it’s been created, which makes it much better to leave your content in drafts first, but soon you’ll have the ability to save your work and review later rather than deleting it.

we hope this perfect addition will be available in the near future.


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