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Users spent on purchasing in YouTube more than any othe application in Q1 2021

According to a report on worldwide app spend in the first quarter of 2021 reveals that the first few months of 2021 broke records for app spend, then youtube became number one app in terms of consumer spend 

YouTube defeated TikTok, Tinder and became the market leader in app purchases  

Consumer spending on apps is growing faster, as in the first quarter of  2021, app spend increases to 40% year over year, which reveals the pandemic impact on the app market.

Smartphone users spent more money on apps and games around $9 billion in the first quartet of  2021 which differs from what they did in Q1 2020.

In-app spending and downloads have equal percentages on iOS and Android.

App Annie’s latest report on the app market in 2021 explains the earning power for video creators and shows how stronger it becomes.


What are people spending money on?

Youtube is one of the free apps, so it’s reasonable to ask where the money is going.

YouTube in-app purchases contribute to creator revenue(Channel memberships, super chats, and super stickers) include:

  • YouTube Premium:  it's a monthly subscription offering exclusive features and removing ads on all videos.
  • Channel Memberships: it's a monthly subscription to a channel, which can come with privileges.
  • Super Chat: audience pay to spotlight on chat messages during a creator’s live stream.
  • Super Sticker: audience pay to send stickers in a chat during a creator’s live stream.

These features are popular with the audience, which shows users happiness to support their favorite creators.

Users are consuming a lot of YouTube content lately, which reflects on increasing consumer spend.


YouTube shows viewership 6x higher than other apps

Back to 2020, App Annie reports show that smartphone users are watching YouTube 6x more than the next closest applications, as youtube audiences spend an average of 38 hours of content watching every month. 

In 2020 YouTube recorded as the first ranking video streaming app by time people spent on, as App Annie reports 40% more hours streamed on mobile in 2020 compared to 2019 among all markets analyzed except China.

Time spent in streaming apps raised in the second quarter of 2020 in the US, which was around the time when the first wave of COVID-19 forced people to spend more time there.

In 2021, App Annie predicts that the average mobile streamer in the US, South Korea and the UK will increase download up to 85%, 80% and 60% more video streaming apps.

We mean, the rise of mobile video streaming represents a new normal for the web.


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