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The companies are gaining more and more in digital marketing, but many think that just having a website and a social network is enough to succeed. The more digital marketing spreads, the more arises need to the companies to plan if they want to win in the race for network success.


CORD Digital has prepared a guide with the basic steps to direct you and your company to start doing digital marketing planning:


1 - Planning

The planning is the most important part of the process and where you should spend most of your time. It can be done for a long and medium-term and you should start by answering a basic question: What is my goal?


2 - Know the market

Having your goal clear in mind, it is time to put your head into the market. You must know your customers, competitors and the new trends in the environment to which your business is inserted, also you must know your ranking.


3 - Set target audience

It is important to have a clear idea of who your customers are and what is the customer profile you want to achieve with these actions. Because according to your target profile you will choose the type of language and channel to use.


4 - Channel

With the target audience defined, it is much easier to define which media are used to achieve the goal. The content available in these channels must be of great quality and relevant to your audience. And it is worth mentioning that each Social Network has a peculiarity. As if each one was a person with a different personality and therefore deserves a differentiated approach.


5 - Internal communication

Share strategic marketing planning with the company. Explain what are the objectives and what is the participation of each one in the process. It is important also to ask for an opinion and suggestions from the employees, after all, they are involved in the activities of the company and know what May or may not work in practice.


6 - Monitoring

The planning record is used to facilitate the follow-up of the results, who is responsible for each action when each activity is to be done and the result that it has generated. Follow the progress of the project and the results are very important for the success of planning in Digital marketing. So you can know what is working and what is not correct in your plan during implementation.


7 - Prioritize projects
Prioritize the projects to be executed according to their importance and the return generated for your business. Projects that require a lot of effort and investment from companies should be those that bring an equal return to your project. Use the creativity to adapt actions according to your human and financial resources.


By following these basic rules you ensure that your company has consistent and organized planning. With your ideas clearer, you can see the results being achieved. Digital marketing planning makes your company follow the shortest path to success in the digital marketplace.

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