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abstract digital marketing service

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that when you market your products and services through digital channels.

for example, the internet.

Nowadays marketing and technology cannot be separated because after the evolution of technology most of the people are using the internet and other digital channels, so that lead to the evolution and development of digital marketing.


 Digital marketing (1980s-1990s)

It all started when the computers became advanced enough to store big data about the customers, when this happened the marketers at this time shifted from (relationship marketing) which was focusing in the connection with the customer to (database marketing)

Marketers at that time kept a database of the customers.

Therefore, in the 1980s the marketers tracked their customers by the digital database but at this time the process was still manual, after a decade in the 1990s when the personal computers were popular the CRM (customer relationship management) software appeared.

online marketing (1990s-2000s)

The CRM (customer relationship management) software was a system to track the interactions with the present and the future customers, but the difference between it and the 1980’s database marketing that the CRM automated that database marketing also of the tracking of the interaction of the customers to provide companies with customer’s information.

A lot of competitors appeared in the late 1990s like oracle and they entered the market

 In 1999 the internet was born and then the eCRM organizations appeared which maximized the competition and helped the marketers to get the data online.


Online marketing companies (2000s-2010s)

In the middle of the 2000s, the relationship between the buyer and seller changed impressively.

The customers started to research products and services and take actions about them online and through their phones, at that time marketers struggled because the buying cycle became larger and they couldn’t take that responsibility.

In the late 2000s, marketing companies presented a solution to this problem and it is marketing automation.

Marketing automation provided a lot of channels for marketers to launch campaigns and segment their target audience, that was the first technology for marketers that was digital.

The marketing automation was great progress however it couldn’t adjust fast to the changes in the technologies of the consumer devices that days.

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E-marketing agency (the 2010’s)

Now there is a variety in the types of marketing technologies and the marketing technology vendors keep growing in a short time.

And also, digital marketing for businesses is important because it will make you grow your business in a cost-effective way


So you cannot deny that digital marketing is expanding and people are using digital devices daily using their smartphones, laptops and more.

Every marketer needs to know and get how to use digital marketing tools and techniques to build a loyal relationship between the organization and the customers and to achieve its goals and objectives.

We are predicting a great future for the digital marketing industry, what do you think the marketing future will be like?

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