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Marketing is part of almost everything we see and do. It influences the lives of most people directly or indirectly. But what is the real meaning of marketing?

Many people are confused about this definition because they think that marketing is advertising. But we can say that advertising is a form of marketing. Marketing is a set of strategies for selecting a particular product for the ideal customer. But still, there is a type of marketing appropriate for each type of service requested.


Here we list some of the most commonly used types:

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1-     Digital Marketing:

Are communication actions of a company that uses the internet to advertise and sell products and services, in addition to expanding and improving the relationship with customers.

2-     Answer Marketing:


The marketing serves to realize self-criticism in the image of the mark, to carry out researches and to outline strategies to improve it.

3-     Relationship Marketing:

Relationship Marketing aims to increase and improve the relationship between the company and the customer. They use some strategies to maintain the happiness and well-being of the client.

4-     Niche Marketing:

It identifies groups that are fashionable or upward in society to generate actions aimed at them.

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